How much does it cost to rent out a ballroom? Who do I contact?

Pricing is tailored to your event specifically based on factors including necessary meeting spaces, catering services, audio visual needs, etc. Please connect with our Sales Team to receive a customized quote for your event.


Who do I contact if I want to book an event? Please click here to submit an RFP.

What items are included with my rental?

Rentals include in-house tables, chairs, linens and any items necessary for food and beverage service. Likewise, a space will be provided in the pre-function hallway for registration with 2-4 tables.

Who provides food and beverage for the Convention Center?

Catering is provided by our Executive Chef and premier catering team. Our current catering menu can be found here. Durham Convention Center is more than happy to assist you in creating a custom menu for your event.

Can I bring in my own caterer?

We offer an outside catering package to fit the needs of clients who require traditional foods for their events that we cannot produce in-house.  Cakes and other custom baked items are welcomed, but must be from a commercial kitchen with proof of purchase and approved by your event manager. Your caterer is required to provide up to date food permits as well as other specified paperwork and equipment.

Is there audio visual provided onsite?

Scott Brown Media Group is our preferred onsite audio visual provider. They are also our exclusive rigging company. Please contact your Event Manager if you are interested in audio visual services from Scott Brown Media Group for your next event.

What is the role of the Event Manager?

After booking, your event manager acts as an liaison between your event planner and the Durham Convention Center. The primary responsibility of the event manager is to create a smooth transition from the sales process to event planning and  execution. Your assigned event manager works with the in-house operating departments and audio visual team to make sure your event is in compliance with the facility’s rules and regulations; and help your event run smoothly. Your event manager will be with you leading up to, during, and after the event to help make sure your event is a complete success and will be able to answer any questions you may have in regards to executing your event brilliantly.

Where can I find parking?

Durham Convention Center is a short walk from 4 city parking garages. Your assigned Event Manager will help you identify the right garage to recommend for your guests, based on the day of your event and other events happening in Downtown Durham. Please refer to for parking rates and find other information here.

Can I order special beer or wine not currently in DCC inventory?

Durham Convention Center is happy to accommodate special wine requests for your event. The client pays for these selections and would have to pre-purchase all items requested. At this time we do not offer custom beer selections for events.

Does the facility have automatic teller machines?

Yes, an ATM is centrally located within the facility.

Does Durham Convention Center require event security?

Attendee safety is of the utmost importance at the Durham Convention Center. When attending events at the convention center, security is staffed during all events and in some cases there may be bag checks and metal detection equipment required. It is our goal to ensure the safety and security of all of our attendees. There are requirements for security if alcohol is being served at an event.

Can I ship products/materials before my event date? Or in advance?

Yes, all products/materials can be shipped to 152 E. Chapel Hill Street, Durham, NC 27701. Please refer to your assigned Event Manager for shipping details. The convention center will only receive packages for an event within 3 days of the event move in date. Please follow this link to the Exhibitor Packet.

Does the convention center have carts to bring in equipment?

A limited number of small flatbed carts are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage you to bring your own cart or check with your show decorator regarding these services.

Is your facility a union facility?

No, the DCC does not have any contractual relationships with any unions.

Are loading docks available?

The facility has one loading dock area located at 152 E. Chapel Hill Street, Durham, NC 27701. However, there is no dock height platform, as the entire dock is ground level. There is easy access from the dock into Grand Ballroom and Junior Ballroom.

Does Durham Convention Center allow their dance floors to be wrapped?

In order to protect our dance floors, we do not allow our floors to be wrapped. We welcome clients to order custom dance floors from a vendor of their choice.

Firearms and Weapons Policy

No firearms or weapons are allowed in the building.

What is your animal policy at Durham Convention Center?

For the safety and comfort of all our visitors, animals are not permitted in the DCC except in conjunction with an approved exhibit, display or performance, which absolutely requires the use of an animal. The customer is responsible for obtaining all appropriate permits. Guide, signal or service dogs (as defined by law) are allowed in the DCC with appropriate paperwork. All sanitary needs for animals are the responsibility of the customer.